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We are Cadorath

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Look inside the machines that move the world and you will find parts manufactured, repaired, or distributed by Cadorath.

We serve the aviation, agriculture, industrial, mining, and oil & gas sectors by manufacturing and repairing component parts. Our clients range from small businesses to market leaders to the world’s best known and largest OEMs.

Our Values

Try It

People innovate when they question assumptions, when their default frame of mind is to ask, “Why not?” We embrace and learn from mistakes. We have zero tolerance for the status quo.

Share It

We accomplish more when we communicate; when we tell it like it is and share information; when we work together to solve problems and support one another.

Care About It

We expect people to step up and take responsibility; to look for ways to lead and hold each other to their commitments.

Own It

This value is about attitude. We value those with passion, those who try to be better today than they were yesterday.

We turn Can't Into Next