HELICOID FLIGHTING: The Backbone of Efficient Operations

At Cadorath, we understand the demands of your operations. Whether it's grain, coal, or any material in between, our helicoid flighting ensures your augers perform tirelessly. Crafted from mild steel with up to 7/16" thickness, helicoid flighting becomes the ideal choice for most tasks, offering a cost-effective alternative to sectional flighting without compromising on efficiency.

Benefits of Helicoid Flighting

  • Economical – A cost-effective solution when compared to sectional flighting.
  • Reduced Assembly Time – Its seamless design means fewer assembly hours, leading to quicker operational readiness.
  • Versatility – We cater to your needs, providing everything from tube-mounted flighting and standalone flighting to fully completed, balanced, and painted auger assemblies.
  • Corrosion & Wear Concerns? – We’ve got you covered with our stainless steel variants and extended wear coating options.


Diving Deeper: What is Helicoid Flighting?

Helicoid flighting is not just a helix; it’s a continuous masterpiece crafted from either carbon or stainless steel. The uniqueness of this design lies in its formation:

  • Formation – Unlike sectional flights that are pieced together, helicoid flighting emerges as a continuous helix, skillfully formed from a single metal piece.
  • Manufacturing Nuances – By leveraging rolling machines with specialized cone-shaped dies, a mere strip of steel stock is meticulously transformed into a single helix.
  • Efficiency and Limitations – The magic of helicoid flighting lies in its ability to save both time and money. However, there are bounds to its design, material choice, and thickness.


Technical Insights into Helicoid Flighting

At its core, helicoid flighting is a continuous one-piece helix crafted from a continuous roll of steel. A distinguishing feature is the tapering thickness from the ID to the OD, a result of the manufacturing process.

However, with Cadorath’s advanced techniques, our patented UltraFlyte™ helicoid flight boasts a thicker outside edge, showcasing tighter tolerances than conventional flights.

Advantages Over Sectional Flight

  • Continuity – Unlike the sectional flight, which demands individual turns or segments to be welded, helicoid flighting stands as a solitary length, reducing splices and welding time.
  • Consistency and Affordability – Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, Cadorath’s helicoid flights and complete screw products shine in consistency, tighter tolerances, and cost-effectiveness.


Choose Cadorath’s Helicoid Flighting for unparalleled efficiency, consistency, and cost savings. Our commitment? Seamless operation in every single turn.