Helicopter Sales, Brokerage & Leasing

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or lease an aircraft, Meridian Helicopters (a subsidiary of Cadorath) has the solution that your operation requires.

Supported by decades of experience and training our professionals are committed to provide the guidance and assurances customers demand when buying or selling an aircraft.

Our extensive marketing and research ensure that the optimal buyer and seller are matched in every transaction. We provide aircraft fair market valuations, market research conditions, as well as financing and insurance consultation.

Our TCCA/FAA/EASA approved maintenance services include dynamic component repair and overhaul, aircraft refurbishment, pre-buy inspections, and mission completions by our factory trained technicians.

When a leasing solution is preferred to an aircraft purchase, we can provide tailored conditions that suit many requirements. From complete helicopter refurbishments to VIP completions or mission specific configurations, your aircraft is delivered precisely to your specifications. You will also find our lease agreements are flexible and accommodating regarding lease term, monthly & hourly rates, and options to purchase. We also provide complete support solutions with all engine, dynamic component, and airworthiness limited items built into our lease services.


Helicopter Refurbishment Services

Helicopter Refurbishment Services

Specializing in the Bell Helicopter light category of helicopters, Meridian Helicopters performs in-house deep maintenance and refurbishment. Meridian Helicopters has completed 18 “Like New” transformations of helicopters to date. Each of our maintenance professionals have 20+ years of experience combining to over 150 years of providing results that exceed expectations.


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