Our engineering team specializes in repair solutions. Since its inception, their dedication has grown from supporting our MRO operations to serving all aspects of our business ventures to include in-house design of our manufacturing equipment.

Our design specialists honed their skills creating over one thousand individual Transport Canada-approved repairs for a majority of rotor wing aircraft and power plants. And in 2015, their abilities were recognized when we were granted Design Approval Organization delegation from Transport Canada.

We have developed solutions to help customers from any sector, through application of the processes and techniques of our MRO operations. By gaining and using knowledge from multiple industries to better serve all of our customers, we turn “can’t” into “next.”


Our Engineering Capabilities

3D Modeling Repair Design


Certification bond testing

Certification bond testing

Shear strength bond test of chrome plating in accordance with TCCA and FAA regulations. This test is both witnessed and performed by our in-house delegated approval personnel.