Reduce the cost of maintenance and downtime with the use of superior performing extended wear parts and accessories.

These are manufacturing & repair methods used to produce application-specific, superior performing parts. These methods may include the use of higher quality base metals in manufacturing combined with selected coatings. The goal is a solution which performs best within unique scenarios of wear, corrosion & release.

Surface wear, metal breakdown, corrosion of parent material is all too common in many mechanical applications. The answer typically is to replace the parts with new or replace the entire unit, however in many cases this can be very costly. Extended wear solutions have been developed as an alternate to replacing parts, using a wide variety of coating technologies that provide a superior surface finish that is more resistant to wear and can extend the operating life of the component.

Our extended wear solutions include, HVOF, thermal spray coatings, weld overlays and chrome plating for most industries wear and corrosion issues.


Benefits of Extended Wear

• Reduction of costly downtime with the use of superior performing components.
• Reduced part replacement and repair costs.
• Reduction of maintenance and operating cost due to longer service cycles.