Cadorth is a leader in sectional flighting, using the latest flight forming technology to produce sectional flight. The quality of our sectional flighting is second to none. Our sectional flight always fits tight on your tube or pipe without a weld gap to fill. The pitch and outside diameter of the flight is consistent from on piece of flight to the next.

Sectional flighting is typically produced one revolution at a time. These spiral flighting segments are welded to an auger tube one segment at a time. Joining each segment by welding the ends of the segments together produces a completed auger. Sectional flight has the advantage of having a constant thickness throughout the filighting cross section. Sectional flight can be produced in sizes, thicknesses, and materials just not possible with other flighting forming methods. With sectional flighing you can have an auger where the pitch of the flight on the auger can vary from one flinging segment to the next.

Need flight with a different material, cadorath is your best choice. We can produce sectional flight in mild steel up to 1” (25mm) thick and stainless steel up to ¾” (19mm) thick. We can also offer abrasion resistant material such as AR400 in flight up to 5/8” (16mm) thick.

Our flighting equipment can produce flighting with an outside diameter up to 47” (1200mm). The inside diameter of the flight can be made to fit on an auger tube as small as 2” (50.8mm) in outside diameter depending on the outside diameter of the flight and the material required.

If you require flight with special features we can produce this flight for you also. Flighting with special features such as notches on the outside diameter, legs on the inside diameter, and/or holes and slots in the flight can all be easily produced. Need flight to fit a shaft that changes in diameter and/or an auger housing that changes in inside diameter, we can make your flight. Our engineering department can produce shapes for your special flighting needs.