The Super 7 Coating Solutions

Our customer favorites, chosen for their extraordinary benefits and cost-saving qualities. The Super 7 ensures high-performance and prolonged durability for your components.

Maximize the ROI of your agricultural and industrial components with our superior plating and coating services. We expertly apply protective layers onto metal surfaces, slowing wear and enhancing durability. Trust in our over 65 years of excellence to increase your operational efficiency and yield a higher return on investment.

We offer one of the most diverse range of in-house processing solutions in the world, including plating, metalizing, furnace brazing, welding, machining, and dynamic balancing. These services meet varied needs while promising quality and cost-effectiveness.


#1   Zinc Plating (clear & yellow)

Zinc plated components (yellow & clear)

Zinc plated components (yellow & clear)

TOP BENEFITS:   Corrosion protection • Aesthetics
1.   Excellent Corrosion protection.
2.   Cost effective.
3.   Clear or yellow for basic protection or add our CS-500 sealant for enhanced protection.
4.   Improves Cosmetic appearance of components.
5.   All chromate finishes are RoHS and REACH compliant.
6.   Plating will not fill holes and recesses or create heavy build- up on threads. Plating has minimal impact on dimensional tolerances.
Bolts, screws, springs, fasteners, crank handles, pins and many other types of components and hardware. Also excellent corrosion protection layer under painted/powder coated surfaces.
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#2   Zinc Nickel Plating

Components Zinc-Nickel Plated

Zinc nickel plated components

TOP BENEFITS:   Corrosion protection • Aesthetics
1.   Offers outstanding corrosion resistance, even in high-salt and low-thickness environments.
2.   Environmentally friendly in comparison to Cadmium plating.
3.   Corrosion can extend beyond 2,000 hours to red rust with high performance chromates/sealant, with up to 10 times protection over conventional zinc plating.
4.   All chromate finishes are RoHS and REACH compliant.
Ideal for components subject to harsh environments. Excellent corrosion protection when used as an undercoat treatment before paint or powder coat finishes.
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#3   Hard Chrome Plating

hard chrome plated augers

Hard chrome plated augers

TOP BENEFITS:   Wear protection • Corrosion protection
1.   Superior wear and corrosion resistance.
2.   Low friction and anti-seize.
3.   Applications ranging in thickness from 0.001” – 0.025”
Often applied to tools and components that need to withstand a lot of wear, such as augers, hydraulic cylinders and other exposed parts that experience wear.
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#4   Electroless Nickel Plating (eNickel)

Electroless Nickel plated pin

Electroless nickel plated pin

TOP BENEFITS:   Wear protection • Corrosion protection • Low friction
1.   Creates an even layer of metal, regardless of the geometry of the surface.
2.   Doesn’t require electrical power, electrical apparatuses, or sophisticated jigs and racks.
3.   Can produce coatings free of built-in mechanical or competitive stress.
4.   Provides corrosion and erosion resistant and provides excellent lubricity.
Hydraulic pins, augers, shafts and various other parts requiring extended life solutions.



#5   CS-1000 Thermal Coating

CS-1000 thermal coated auger

CS-1000 thermal coated auger

TOP BENEFITS:   Wear protection • Impact protection • May add traction
1.   Cost effective extreme wear solution.
2.   Offers corrosion protection.
3.   Initial hardness approx. 60HRC and abrasive hardens with use up to 72HRC.
4.   Can be applied to improve traction.
Any component in agriculture or industrial use that encounters a lot of wear.



#6   HVOF Tungsten Coating

HVOF Tungsten Coating on pump components

HVOF tungsten coating on pump components

TOP BENEFITS:   Extremely hard • Precise deposits
1.   Highly dimensionally controlled coating for extreme wear applications.
2.   High density and bond strength with HVOF application of coating.
3.   Superior wear characteristics for critical components.
4.   Can be used to replace chrome.
Critical components that experience wear due to abrasion.



#7   Spray and Fuse

spray and fuse coated shaft

Spray and fuse coated shaft

TOP BENEFITS:   Heavy duty wear protection
1.   Numerous different types of applications depending on the environment the component is exposed to.
2.   0.02” – 0.03” thick coating for superior wear.
3.   Hardface overlay alternative.
Heavy duty industrial components.
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